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Christine Watson

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Hey there! Thanks for stopping by!  My name is Christine and I am in love with my Scentsy business!  I have been using Scentsy in my life for about 12 years now and I have been a consultant for a little over 11 years. I loved candles, but there was the constant worry about forgetting to blow them out and burning the house down.  With Scentsy Warmers I don't ever have to worry about that again.  I am also a lover of dogs and with Scentsy I don't have to worry about any of our products harming my dogs.  My Scentsy business has allowed me to raise money for some great causes and it allows me to provide and care for my dogs in the best way possible. Yes, my money literally goes to the dogs!!  It has also inspired me to take my day job and passion and turn it into my own small business.  Scentsy has also given me friends for life through customers and my team.  The last bonus from Scentsy in my life is travel! Scentsy has provided me an opportunity to easily earn all expense paid vacations which has inspired me to travel more and collect more memories! Don you want to vacation with me??

I love putting a new scent in a warmer and having a rush of happy memories from the past run over me. Like when I warm blueberry cheese cake it reminds me of picking blueberries with my Granny or Honeymoon Hideaway reminds me of fun times at the beach with my girl friends.  Scentsy is so much more than wax and warmers these days. We have diffusers, oils, cleaning and laundry products, skin care and travel stuff! I love to share Scentsy with anyone I can. I don't just sell Scentsy, I use it everyday. Please take a stroll through my site and check out the catalog! We even have holiday inspired warmers!! You can email me at or call me anytime at (682)365-8083.

I hope you are having a SCENTsational day!

Christine Watson Manning


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